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to protect your identity.

If your identity is stolen...

  • Are you equipped to resolve all the issues that arise?
  • Do you know how to get help?
  • Will you be able to react quickly?
  • Will you have immediate access to your personal information to prevent fraudulent transactions?

The SecuriZone Identity Theft Assistance Program offers you expertise in three complementary areas.

Your identity, our protection
A three-way program.

Prevention :

  • Evaluation of the identity theft and fraud risk;
  • Identity theft prevention assistance;
  • Personalized advice.

Protection :

  • Assistance with recording and storage of personal information;
  • Assistance with the return of lost items.

Intervention :

  • Assistance in the event of identity theft;
  • Services for travelers;
  • Legal assistance;
  • Personalized advice.


  Stealing my wallet was only a gateway to a far more serious crime: stealing my identity….

Denis B., married, 4 children. Read more >

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Identity theft is:

Assuming another person’s identity to commit a fraudulent act.

  • 18,146 Canadian victims in 2010 and 9,4 million in losses.1
  • Infamous scams and new fraudulent practices every day.
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